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SVI Pumper Fire Truck

The Pumper Fire Truck is available in front-mount, mid-ship and rear-mount fire engine designs with 750-2,500 GPM pump capabilities and spring-loaded pump modules. Featuring a body length of 10-15’, single or tandem-axle custom or commercial chassis, 450-1000 gallon water tank, and a single or two-stage pump with 750-2500 GPM capabilities.

SVI Wet Rescue Truck

A mix between the Wet Rescue and the Type 2 fire engine that delivers the perfect combination with up to 2,250 GPM pump capabilities and 300-450 gallons of water come together and make a productive multi-use apparatus. With a body length of 16-26’, a single-stage PTO pump with 250-1250 GPM capabilities, the Wet Water Rescue will keep your team’s productivity up.

SVI Type 3&4 Wildland

Type 3 & 4 Wildland Fire Engines are built on 4×4 commercial chassis with spring-loaded bodies and pump modules. They are meant for off-road firefights. These trucks are powerful and ready to take on off-road duties. Featuring single 4×4 commercial chassis, Type 3 PTO-driven pump, and Type 4 engine-driven pump, a 250-750 gallon water tank, and more!

SVI Tanker Truck

The SVI Tanker Fire Truck features a lifetime tank warranty that can be configured to fit your department perfectly. Plenty of options to choose from here, the tanker’s equipment is sure to last. With a 1000-5000 gallon water tank, pump capabilities from 250-2000 GPM, integrated hose bed and hard suction hose storage, and more!

SVI Type 6 Brush Trucks

Born to be wild! The Type 6 Brush Truck is designed for the rigors of off-road firefighting. The Type 6 features ladder-style subframes and spring-loaded body mounts in custom flatbed or rescue-style configurations. With a single-axle 4×4 commercial chassis, flatbed or resume-style wildland brush trucks, 300-400 gallon water tank, 10-20 gallon foam tank, and more!

SVI Mini Pumpers

Although this truck may be small, the SVI Mini Pump Fire Truck packs some serious fire suppression with the option to customize features in this quick attack footprint. With a choice of a 4×2 or 4×4 single-axle commercial chassis, up to 300-gallon water tank capacity, 10-20 gallon foam tank, NFPA ladders, and more! 

SVI Walk-in Rescue

Escape the elements with the Walk-In Rescue Truck, built on your department’s choice of custom chassis. Enter the walk-through interior by cab, a side door or rear entry, or customize multiple access points for what best suits your needs. Workstations can be added for command center capability. Features include a body length of 16-26’, 2,3, or 4 doors, hydraulic rescue tools, and more!

SVI Light Rescue Truck

Although the Light Rescue sounds small, let us reassure you that this truck is anything but small. The mighty Light Rescue is a champion in the industry, delivering customizations on Ford, Chevy, or Dodge Cab/Chassis with a GVW rating of 10,000 to 23,000 lbs. Also featuring a body length of 9-14’, PTO or slip-in water pumps, a single-axle commercial chassis or the choice of a custom chassis in 4×2 or 4×4 size.

SVI Hazmat Truck

Decide between a medium-duty commercial or heavy-duty custom cab/chassis for your Hazmat Truck. Delivering the toughest, most advanced Hazmat Track to help mitigate dangerous hazards. Featuring a body length of 16-28’, sing or tandem-axle custom or commercial chassis, command areas with custom aluminium powder-coated desks, tables, cabinets and hazmat unit laboratory!

SVI Medium Rescue Truck

Filling the gap between SVI’s light-duty and heavy-duty GVWs, riding on a chevy-duty subframe, the Medium Rescue Truck packs all of the great compartment customizations and power into one truck. Features include a body length of 14-20’, 2 or 4 doors, light towers and traffic flow boards, tool mounting, and more!