eFX Electric Ambulance


For the first time in history, a purpose-built all-electric ambulance designed by paramedics for paramedics.

During every development stage of the Demers eFX Ambulance, experienced paramedics operating in various environments and conditions were invited to share insights, test prototypes, validate assumptions and provide valuable feedback.

Not a single mechanical, medical, design, or ergonomic aspect was left untouched, and the result is simply astonishing.

Demers eFX is centered around the human, with the unique characteristic to meet the fundamental needs of paramedics, patients, and fleet managers – without compromise.


Paramedics deserve a safer experience.

When performing medical maneuvers or handling important equipment, paramedics are often standing or moving while the vehicle is in motion, taking significant risks with their own lives.

Every year, accidents involving paramedics end careers, take lives, and leave EMS technicians with long term injuries. With the collaboration of Lion Electric in the development of its all-electric chassis, the Demers eFX Ambulance has enhanced ergonomics, by paramedics – for paramedics, providing a much safer environment, and allowing most medical maneuvers and equipment to be reached while being seated with a seatbelt fastened.

It is a game changer.

Patients deserve a smoother transport.

The Demers eFX 184 model is 20% roomier than that of traditional ambulances.

Being 100% electric, equipped with an adaptive suspension and its stretcher position relocated between the axles, the Demers eFX Ambulance offers a much quieter environment, smoother ride with far less vibrations and noise, than traditional ambulances.

Future generations deserve a cleaner planet.

Demers eFX is the world’s first 100% electric Type III ambulance, offering a completely zero emission1 alternative to traditional ambulances.

On average, an ambulance operates on idle more than 50% of the time. Demers eFX Ambulance allows all electrical accessories (heating, a/c, computer) to run on battery power only, without the need to use the engine, all in a zero-emission environment.

The Demers eFX Ambulance is equipped with regenerating braking systems, which enables the engine compression to serve as a natural braking mechanism, thereby reducing the reliance on brake pads. In turn, it reduces the emission of microparticles emanating from brake pad erosion.

Where electricity generation is carbon neutral.

Fleet operators deserve a most cost-effective solution.

On average, the Demers eFX Ambulance is 80-90% less expensive to operate per KM/mile than traditional Type III ambulances.

Conservative estimates suggest that the Demers eFX Ambulance should cost 60% less to maintain and repair than comparable traditional Type III ambulances.

Paramedics in the medical compartment are expected to sit with their seatbelts fastened 5-10 times more often than when working in a traditional ambulance. As a result, insurance premiums, claims and sick/injury absence costs are expected to decrease significantly.

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