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Spartan Water Tender

Spartan’s tankers are customized and designed to deliver maximum productivity by carrying maximum amounts of water to the scene without requiring a large team to accomplish the job. Easy to operate and available with or without a pump. The Water Tenders APR poly tanks are ¾” with no additional outer layer, making this apparatus stand out by being lightweight than other Tenders in the industry. Engineered for a wide variety of applications and demands, the Water Tender is equipped with the Tor-Max® and Tri-Max® body construction, the Vibra Torq body-mount system, dump options, smart storage, water tank capacities from 1500 to 4000 gallons, durable framework, user-friendly pump panels, and more!

Spartan Type 3 & 4

The Type 3 or 4 Pumper line is prepared for the extreme challenges of wildland fighting. Available on either 4×2 or 2×4 commercial chassis, with a body-mount style that allows independent flexing of the body, subframe, and chassis for superior performance. The Type 3 and 4 are ready for wildland, equipped with auxiliary pumps with in-cab controls, booster reels, bumper turrets, ground sweeps, compact pump designs, stainless steel plumbing, water tank capacity up to 750 gallons, side or rear mount pump locations, a pump GPM up to 750, front bumper options and more!

Spartan Wildland Urban Interface

The Wildland-Urban Interface Engine comes to the rescue with a traditional pumper and wildland vehicle hybrid. The result is a two-in-one apparatus that gives you the versatility and flexibility your department needs to move from city streets to rural terrain. The Spartan Wildland Urban Interface can provide fire suppression, emergency medical services, technical rescue, hazardous materials mitigation and more! The WUI is also equipped with a high angle approach, custom pump panel design, water tank capacity up to 1000 gallons, independent front suspension, Spartan One-Touch CADS, SGO9 Auxiliary Power Unit-EMISSION-Reduction technology, and more!

Spartan NXT 110′ Aerial Ladder

The NXT 110 Aerial lets your team reach maximum and unrestricted performance with up to a 750-pound tip load. The low-profile pump and short overall length deliver unprecedented maneuverability without sacrificing compartment space or performance. The NXT 110’ Aerial is a compact yet mighty ladder. With a 110’ vertical reach and 99’ Horizontal reach, 12’ and 14’ narrow outrigger spread, superior grade performance, 2,250 GPM fire pump, 1,500 GPM aerial water flow capacity, greater control and stability, independent front suspension, pump operator’s panel, 110’ Aerial water monitor, and more!

Spartan 55′ Rear Mount Ladder

The heavy-duty 55’ Rear Mount Ladder combines a maneuverable, single-axle configuration with an elevated master stream that lets you do the work you need to do. This ladder is a great ladder that is sure to increase your department’s productivity. Equipped with the electronic positional waterway, CP-84 chrome Plated Waterway, QL-12 electrical system, hot dip galvanized stabilizer beams, removable egress, AL-11 aerial logic, ergonomic hose lead (EHL), aerial wheel well storage, LED rung lights, and more!

Spartan 75′ Rear Mount Ladder

Available on a single or tandem axle, the 75’ Rear Mount Ladder is designed to be the main event of your aerial attack and rescue operations. Built with 100,000 psi yield strength steel, all configurations have been designed to deliver exceptional compartment storage with a short wheelbase for better maneuverability. It is equipped with an FP-4 stabilizing system, electronic positional waterway, CP-84 chrome-plated waterway, QL-12 electrical system, removable egress, ergonomic hose load (EHL), AL-11 aerial Logic, smart aerial storage, joystick controls, and more!

Spartan 75′ Rear Mount Ladder

The 75’ Rear Mount ladder is compact and maneuverable and is mounted on a single rear axle, designed to deliver excellence during the most demanding urban and suburban environments. It is equipped with a versatile outrigger system, ladder slide pads, clean climb, 75’ aerial water monitor, 3-section aerial ladder, 66’ Horizontal reach, 75’ Vertical reach, up to 500 lb. tip-load while flowing 1,500 GPM unrestricted, waterway controls, and more!

Spartan 100′ Rear Mount Ladder

The 100’ Rear Mount Ladder is based around a 105’ aerial structure. However, Spartan has taken off 5’ of the overall height (thanks to lower aerial side rails), allowing you to travel safely under bridges, overpasses and more! Equipped with the FP-4 Stabilizing system, 100’ vertical reach, 97’ horizontal reach, CP-84 chrome-plated waterway, QL-12 electrical system, removable egress, AL-11 aerial logic, joystick controls, ergonomic hose load (EHL), 500 lb. Tip-load dry/wet unrestricted, LED rung lights, and more!

Spartan 105′ Rear Mount Ladder

The 105’ Rear Mount Ladder is known for its robust design. The Ladder is configured with a unique outrigger design that allows your department to use total operational capacity on a 12-percent grade, both downhill and uphill. It is equipped with the FP-4 Stabilizing system, electronic positional waterway, CP-84 chrome-plated waterway, QL-12 electrical system, 750 lb. Tip-load dry/wet unrestricted, AL-11 aerial logic, 105’ vertical reach, 101’ 5” horizontal reach, ergonomic hose lead (EHL), and more!

Spartan 110′ Rear Mount Ladder

The 110’ Rear Mount Ladder is engineered for a narrow stabilizer allowing for easier positioning and faster setup on narrow streets and tight access areas. Its horizontal reach is an impressive 99’ reach, the best in its industry. Equipped with a clean climb, safe and easy access (wide egress steps), 110’ vertical reach, 99’ horizontal reach, waterway controls, 110’ aerial water monitor, 11’ 7” standard travel height, and more!