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Red S-180 Custom Pumper
For Sale
Spartan S-180 Pumper Demo

Built on a Spartan Metro Star Chassis, this S-180 Pumper is loaded with features that will get the job done. Schedule your demo today!

  • Model: S-180 2114
  • Manufacture Year: 2023
For Sale
Road Rescue Demo Ambulance

This 2023 Road Rescue E-450 is loaded with features and ready for immediate delivery. Contact True North Emergency today for more information!

  • Model: E-450
  • Manufacture Year: 2023
Spartan S-180

All custom S-180 pumpers are equipped with our best-in-class Advanced Protection System®, featuring 1500 GPM pumps. The specs differ by model, offering a unique set of configurations for wheelbase, with or without foam, compartment storage, pump brands, and horsepower, giving you the ability to equip your truck with the necessary features. The S-180 pumpers are road-ready in half the time with the industry’s fastest delivery of a custom fire apparatus. Starting with one of the eight custom-built models, we will then configure them with their feature options to meet your specific needs. Spartan Advanced Protection System comes standard with the S-180 pumpers, along with eight airbag positions, the industry-first outboard sensors, advanced seatbelts, and cab construction enforced with C-channel support. 

  • Model: S-180
Spartan Vector Electric Firetruck

Energize your firefighting capabilities and protect your crews and the environment from air and noise pollution with Vector, the first North American-style fully electric fire truck. With the most powerful, longest-lasting battery performance on the market, this truck drives and pumps on electric power only—able to conduct 100% of ground duties with 100% electric. Customizable to meet your needs, Vector answers the call with cleaner, quieter operation.

Spartan Commercial Side Mount Pumpers

Custom-engineered pumpers built on commercial chassis are an excellent option for the rural and metro departments. Any configuration you desire will feature Spartans exclusive body structure and mounting systems. Choosing Commercial Pump Series allows your department to continue industry-setting performances while meeting your budgetary goals. The Pumper features Tor-Max® body configurations, Vibra torq body-mount system, custom pump panel design, smart access pump panels, pumps that go up to 2250 GPM, a water capacity of 500 to 1500 gallons, Spartan one-touch CAFS, and more! 

Spartan Commercial Top Mount Pumpers

Custom-engineered pumpers built on commercial chassis are an excellent option for the rural and metro departments. Any configuration you desire will feature Spartans exclusive body structure and mounting systems. Choosing a commercial pump series offers your team a spacious compartment space, low center of gravity, and increased serviceability! The Commercial Top Mount Pumpers include a Vibra torq body-mount system, Tor-Max® body configurations, custom top mount controls, pump module storage, low hose bed, innovative storage, and more!

Spartan NXT Pumper

The NXT Pumper offers your department one of the most versatile pumpers in the industry. Its tight turn radius, high horsepower, and maximum water flow make it the perfect solution for urban, suburban, or rural operational challenges. It is designed with a low-profile pump behind the cab under the seating extension creating plenty of space for your crew and more! The Pumper is proven with PTO or Split-Shaft pump in a single or 2-stage operation with parts readily available, minimizing costs and maximizing your options. With the Tor-Max® and Tri-Max® body construction, Vibra torq body-mount systems, NXT pump design, with a pump rating of 750-2250 GPM, Up to 6700 HP capabilities, and tank size of 500 to 1000 US gallons, and more!

Spartan IPS

The IPS combines the functions of a pumper and a rescue. For the departments demanding a multi-functional pumper, the IPS is the pumper that surpasses anything available today—offering cutting-edge carrying capacity, pump operation safety, maneuverability in tight spaces, and apparatus versatility. The Pumper comes equipped with Vibra Torq body-mount system, Tor-Max® and Tri-Max® body construction, IPS pump system, low cross lay height, Spartan one-touch CAFS, pump and roll capable, a pump GPM of 750 to 1500, water tank capacities from 500 to 1500 gallons, SG09 Auxiliary Power Unit-EMISSION-Reduction Technology, and more! 

Spartan Transformer

Spartan has developed proprietary solutions for the departments that demand those multi-functional pumpers. Combining unequalled industry knowledge with pump designs, power take-off, and water flow, the Transformer surpasses anything available today. Combining a pumper and a rescue, the Transformer features Tor-Max® and Tri-Max® body construction, transverse compartment storage, pump capabilities of 1250 to 1500 GPM, a water tank capacity from 500 to 1500 gal, a horsepower up to 600 HP, versatile pump controls, SG09 Auxiliary Power Unit-EMISSION-Reduction Technology, independent front suspensions, and more!

Spartan Side Mount Custom Pumpers

Choosing a pumper that is best suited for your department’s desires can be challenging. Spartans’ entire line of custom pumpers built on a custom chassis is among the strongest in the industry and features the industry’s #1 rated cab safety system. Equipped with the Tor-Max® and Tri-Max® body construction, the Vibra Torq body-mount system, smart storage, custom pump panel design, SGO9 Auxiliary Power Unit-EMISSION-Reduction Technology, Smart Access pump panels, Spartan One-Touch CAFS, pump capabilities of up to 2250 GPM, water tank capacity from 500-1500 gal, horsepower capabilities from 380-600 HP, custom cab storage, and more!