The NXT 110 aerial yields maximum and unrestricted performance with up to 750-pound tip load, at any angle and extension. This performance combined with a low profile pump and short overall length deliver unprecedented maneuverability without sacrificing compartment space or performance.

A more compact, yet powerful NXT pump with up to 2,250 GPM and a 500 gallon tank provide the power needed to manage any situation. The pump is positioned at the rear of the cab under the seat extension allowing for a full body pump, without taking up space inside the cab. Low pump inlet and discharges provide a safe and ergonomic work environment.


  • 110′ vertical reach | 99′ horizontal reach
  • 750 lb. tip load with 14′ outrigger spread
  • 500 lb. tip load with 12′ outrigger spread
  • 1,500 gpm aerial water flow capacity
  • 2,250 gpm fire pump
  • Up to 170 ft. of internal ground ladder storage
  • Under 40′ overall travel length
  • 53° cramp angle
  • 223″ wheelbase


The 75’ Rear Mount Ladder, available on a single or tandem axle, is designed to be the centerpiece of your aerial attack and rescue operations. Built with 100,000 psi yield strength steel, this aerial workhorse provides up to 750 lb. tip load rating (wet), the ability to flow 1,500 GPM at 0 degrees elevation straight out to the side, and the solid “step feel” that all Spartan Aerials are known for.

All configurations are designed with exceptional compartment storage with a short wheelbase for better maneuverability. The 75’ Rear Mount Ladder on a single axle is available in two configurations that offer a 500 or 750 lb. tip load


  • Available in quint or traditional truck style
  • 3-section ladder design
  • Available with a 2 or 4 outrigger system
  • Up to 750 lb. tip-load wet/dry while flowing 1,500 gpm unrestricted
  • Up to 600 US gallon tank capacity (tandem axle)
  • 11’4” standard travel height


For many departments, the dimension that drives aerial apparatus selection is the overall height. This 100′ rear mount ladder design is based around our 105′ aerial structure; however, we have shaved off 5” of overall height thanks to lower aerial side rails. So you can fit it into your fire station and under all the bridges, overpasses and aqueducts that stand in the way of a quick response.

The 500 lb. tip load rating while flowing 1,250 GPM at zero degrees give you all the firefighting power you need. Available with or without a pump and tank, you have the configuration flexibility for your next rear mount ladder while keeping your maximum reach and performance.


  • Available in quint or traditional truck style
  • 4-section ladder design
  • 500 lb. Tip-load dry/wet UNRESTRICTED
  • 2 front down and 2 rear H-style outriggers
  • 1250 gpm waterway flow


Count on our 105′ heavy-duty rear mount ladders for their robust design, 750 lbs. tip load (wet) at 0 degrees and excellent vertical reach. Available in a quint or traditional truck style, the 105’ rear mount ladder is configured with a unique outrigger design and placement that allow departments to achieve full operational capability on a 12-percent grade (downhill and uphill).

The 105’ Rear Mount Ladder is available with multiple options and configurations to serve your departments needs in any urban or suburban firehouse. When the challenge is great, this 105′ heavy-duty rear mount ladder will never let you down.


  • Available in quint or traditional truck style
  • 4-section ladder design
  • 750 lb. Tip-load dry/wet UNRESTRICTED
  • 4 H-style outriggers
  • 1500 gpm waterway flow
  • Up to 600 US gallon tank capacity
  • 11’10” standard travel height


The Ladder Tower 110’ Rear Mount Ladder is available with a tip load capacity of 500 lbs. with a 12′ outrigger spread. The extreme duty model has a tip load capacity of 750 lbs. with a 14′ outrigger spread. All models are engineered for a narrow stabilizer spread to allow easier positioning and faster setup on narrow streets and other tight access areas. Its horizontal reach of 99′ is rated best in the industry.

Ladder Tower offers many options that can be added to any design. From extra storage to a range of tip components, to easy access to the turntable and side hosebed locations provide for streamlined layout and repacking of hose from the rear with the ladder in cradle are standards. Both models provide excellent ground ladder storage options – we can deliver the right product to meet your specific demands.


  • Available in quint or traditional truck style
  • 4-section aerial ladder design
  • 12′ stabilizer spread offers 500 lbs. dry / 250 lbs. wet
  • 14′ stabilizer spread offers 750 lbs. dry / 500 lbs. wet
  • Up to 1500 GPM flow capacity
  • 36.75” stabilizer stroke offers maximum operating grade up to 20%
  • Short wheelbase configurations – 237”
  • 53° cramp angle offers increased maneuverability
  • 11’ 7” standard travel height

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