The New Era is a popular choice for urban areas and large fleets due to its easy handling in congested streets, lower cost of ownership, durability and high fuel efficiency.

 Overall Length 263″ (668 cm)
 Overall Width (with mirrors) 105″ (266.7 cm)
 Overall Height 100″ (254 cm)
 Headroom 66″ (167.6 cm)
 Wheelbase 139″ (353 cm)
 Payload Capacity Up to 3477 lbs (1577 kg)

The New Era is our smallest Type III ambulance that is economic, fuel efficient, and offers a customizable interior. Enhanced maneuverability and a dual side entry step is appealing to urban fleets for operational ease when navigating congested streets. Paramedics and patients alike will feel confident and secure knowing they are protected by one of the safest roll cage in the industry.


  • Exterior vertical spine board storage
  • Easy serviceable HVAC system 
  • Internal main oxygen storage with optional O2 to Go loading system
  • Dual side entry step
  • Tearaway rear fender flares
  • Enhanced maneuverability wheelbase with tighter turning radius


  • Optional street side storage with exterior door
  • Optional high mobility seat 
  • Optional flip up cabinetry
  • Optional removable drug locker
  • Optional solar panels
  • Optional suspension system that makes cot loading easier (North American option)
  • Optional shipping by container for less expensive shipping (International option)

The Crestline Advantage – World Class In Safety
Ambulances known to provide world class safety for both patients and medics due to the strength of our roll cage design.

CrestCoat Exclusive Powder Coat Technology    
Lower your operational costs and downtime by eliminating corrosion. 

O2 to Go System   
Reduces the risk of injuries and increases the speed of medical assistance.

Integrated Vehicle Intelligence solution.

LiquidSpring Smart Suspension
Experience a smoother, safer ride with the LiquidSpring smart suspension. This is the next generation vehicle suspension system, utilizing a strut with a compressible liquid as the spring/damping medium. And with its sophisticated and patented onboard microprocessor, LiquidSpring adapts the entire vehicle’s response to your various road conditions, giving driver and passenger the ultimate ride.

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