The FleetMax Next Generation Type III ambulance is a top product choice redesigned with paramedic focus, enhanced safety, value-driven features and technologies. It is the perfect choice for both urban and rural services. With flexible, custom options, Crestline meets the needs of your fleet.

 Overall Length 27​0″ (68​5.8 cm) 27​7″ (70​3.6 cm)
 Overall Width
 Width with Mirrors
 ​88″ (223.5 cm)
 106″ (2​69.2 cm)
 88″ (2​23.5 cm)
 1​06″ (261.6 cm)
 Overall Height 10​1″ (256.5 cm)
 Optional 105″ (266.7 cm)
 10​2″ (25​9.1 cm)
 Optional 106″ (269.2 cm)
 Headroom 68″ (172.7 cm)
 Optional 72″ (182.9 cm)
 68″ (172.7 cm)
 Optional 72″ (​182.9 cm)
 Wheelbase 158″ (401.3 cm) 159″ (403.9 cm)
 Payload Capacity
 (Varies with options)
 3080 lbs (1397.1 kg) 2​890 lbs (1310.9 kg)


• More headroom – 68″ Standard, 72″ Optional
• Optimal relocation of equipment for Paramedic safety
   – Oxygen storage moved to street side
   – Vertical spineboad moved to curb side
   – Addition of a PPE storage area
• Three point harness seat-belts for all module seating
• Fully sealed aluminum cabinets protects supplies from airborne contaminants
• Multiplex electrical system comes standard
   – Silent communication to cab
   – Diagnostic touchscreen display
• Built in glove box holder on raised kit-tree
• Raised interior side door handle for easier access
• Dedicated radio space in ECC for convenient access

​Optional Features:

• Infectious control upgrades are available
• XL-Hybrid electrification solution
• LiquidSpring® Smart Suspension
• CPR seat option
• Top coupe above squad bench (available in 72″ model)
• RFID asset management system to track all equipment
• Reverse spotter switch to reduce ambient noise

The FleetMax Next Generation is focused on paramedic safety with a spacious ergonomic redesign and new standard features.

The Crestline Advantage – World Class In Safety
Ambulances known to provide world class safety for both patients and medics due to the strength of our roll cage design.

CrestCoat Exclusive Powder Coat Technology
Lower your operational costs and downtime by eliminating corrosion.

O2 to Go System  
Reduces the risk of injuries and increases the speed of medical assistance.

LiquidSpring Smart Suspension
Experience a smoother, safer ride with the LiquidSpring smart suspension. This is the next generation vehicle suspension system, utilizing a strut with a compressible liquid as the spring/damping medium. And with its sophisticated and patented onboard microprocessor, LiquidSpring adapts the entire vehicle’s response to your various road conditions, giving driver and passenger the ultimate ride.

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