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Spartan Chassis' beginnings date back to 1975 when the Diamond Reo Trucking Company of Michigan went bankrupt. A group of four young Diamond Reo engineers saw an opportunity to strike out on their own and continue doing what they loved to do—build trucks—and build them well. George Sztykiel, Bill Foster, Jerry Geary and John Knox sacrificed everything they could to establish Spartan Motors, Inc.; taking out second mortgages on their homes for capital and pinching every penny to make their endeavor successful.

Today, Spartan Chassis is a world-class leader in the design and production of the most powerful and reliable emergency response vehicles, cabs and chassis on the market. The Gladiator®, Metro Star®, Metro Star®-X, and Metro Star® RT are all purpose-built for the emergency response industry and offer varying degrees of customization, allowing fire departments to meet their specific needs.

Spartan Chassis is a world-class leader in the design, engineering and flexible production of chassis, specialty vehicles and aftermarket parts for the defense, emergency response and outdoor recreation/RV markets. End users of our products recognize—and request—the Spartan brand, which consistently delivers superior performance, exceptional safety ratings and technological innovations that distinguish us from our competitors.

Spartan is also dedicated to making sure its customers remain satisfied for life through specialized customer service, warranties for repairs and replacements, and training programs for vehicle operators, as well as mechanics and technicians.

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Spartan Chassis

Spartan Chassis


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