About True North Emergency Equipment

True North Emergency Equipment (a division of Vimar Equipment, Ltd.) is a "Servicing Distributor" for Custom Emergency Response Vehicles & Equipment. Our business is serving and supporting those customers who choose True North Emergency Equipment and the products and services we provide; whether municipal or private, professional or volunteer, rural or urban, we have the products and services to meet your emergency response needs.

The entire team at True North Emergency Equipment is dedicated to being a "World Class" Emergency Equipment/Emergency Vehicle Distributor. True North serves the Pacific Northwest & Alaska (WA, OR & AK). We provide World Class Products-World Class Service, and most importantly, World Class People. At True North, we recognize that our people make us the best – each continually striving to improve service to our customers, doing the day-to-day tasks the best they can be done and keeping a relentless focus on quality and excellence in all that they do.

A few key principles that we share at True North Emergency Equipment are:

  • People come first, above all else
  • Be honest, ethical and courteous at all times
  • Do something nice for someone on a regular basis by giving back through volunteerism within our communities
  • Employee involvement is the only way to succeed in serving our customers better
  • The name of the game is customer satisfaction, and the customer keeps the score!

The way we become the best is by continually striving to improve our service to customers, by doing things the best they can be done, and by keeping a relentless focus on quality and excellence in all our activities.

Not only does the commitment of all our people make our job more interesting and rewarding – we believe it is the only way to achieve total company-wide excellence. We invite you to try the True North experience – quality equipment, excellent product support, and competent people with a caring, helpful attitude.

Our high quality product lines include, but are not limited to:

  • Spartan ERV (www.spartanerv.com) - Brandon, SD - providing a complete line of emergency response vehicles
  • SVI Trucks (www.svitrucks.com) - Fort Collins, CO - the emergency industry's premier builder of specialized fire, police and emergency apparatus
  • Road Rescue Ambulance (www.roadrescue.com) - manufacturer of high quality EMS response and transport vehicles, as well as specialty vehicles - Road Rescue is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
  • Wheeled Coach Ambulance (www.wheeledcoach.com) - Wheeled Coach designs medical attack, rescue and fire emergency vehicles for your department's specific needs - Wheeled Coach is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

True North also specializes in repair, refurbishment and testing of your complete fleet and can provide "on site" service and support in most areas. We also have a well stocked parts department to provide your agency easy access to many common parts to keep your fleet in service in your community.

Honesty, integrity and service are the cornerstone of our business. Our commitment to our people, our customers and our manufacturers allow us to hire the best people, create excellent, long-term relationships with our customers and develop a superb partnership with our manufacturers and suppliers.